Panic Button | Emergency SOS

Need help from your emergency contacts when your personal safety is in danger? Activate an emergency SOS to sound a loud alarm, call, and send message (SMS) with a Google Maps link of your current location to your contacts during an emergency. Keep yourself safe and get help from your contacts whenever by running the app in the background.


• Emergency SOS - Get help for your personal safety. Send emergency SOS and activate alarm from the background with the following modes:

◦ Shake - Set your desired shake sensitivity and shake phone to activate SOS

◦ Power button - Press the power button 3, 4 or 5 times to activate SOS

◦ Charge - Discharge or unplug phone to activate SOS

◦ Set a countdown timer to activate SOS

◦ Tap panic button to activate SOS

Turn off power saver mode to keep app running in the background without disruption.


• Add panic button widget

• Add unlimited emergency contacts

• Edit emergency SOS message or use the default SOS message

• Share your location in a Google Maps link

• Delay sending emergency SOS message

• Trigger SOS and panic alarm on app launch

• Keep screen on

• Vibrate on alarm

• Always keep alarm on max volume

• Mute volume

• Select from 10 different alarm or add your own alarm sound

• Dark and Light Mode

We do not collect or sell your personal data.

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